Original London Production (1978; London)

Opened 6/21/1978 at the Prince Edward Theatre for 2900p (closed 2/8/1986)
Elaine Paige performs "I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You", reset to a 1970s bar.
Original London Che, David Essex, sings "Oh, What a Circus" in a solo concert.

Broadway Production (1979; New York)

Opened 9/25/1979 at the Broadway Theatre for 1567p (closed 6/26/1983)
Patti LuPone sings "Buenos Aires" on the 1981 Tony Awards.
Patti LuPone, Bob Gunton, Mandy Patinkin and cast perform "A New Argentina" on the 1980 Tony Awards.
Patti LuPone sings "Rainbow High" on Merv Griffin.
Patti LuPone sings "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" on the 1980 Grammy Awards when Evita won Best Cast Album.
Post-Tonys commercial.

London Revival (2006; London)

Opened 6/21/2006 at the Adelphi Theatre (closed 5/26/2007)
Elena Roger and cast perform "Buenos Aires" on Children in Need 2006.

Broadway Revival (2012; New York)

Opened 4/5/2012 at the Marquis Theatre for 337p (closed 1/26/2013)
The creation of the iconic ball gown.

International Tour (2018)

Opened 2/19/2018

Promo reel for the latest international tour. Check the Hal Prince staging!