Original Broadway Production (1977; New York)

Opened 4/21/1977 at the Alvin Theatre for 2377p (closed 1/2/1983)
The original cast performs a medley on the Tony Awards.

Replacement Annie Sarah Jessica Parker sings "I Don't Need Anything But You" on the 1982 TV Special "Broadway Plays Washington" on Kennedy Center Tonight.

Dorothy Loudon relives her Miss Hannigan in "Easy Street" in 1986. Notice Ann Reinking behind her thinking about Carol Burnett...

Andrea McArdle sings "Tomorrow" on the 1981 Tonys.

Broadway Revival (1997; New York)

Opened 3/26/1997 at the Martin Beck Theatre for 239p (closed 10/19/1997)
The girls perform "Hard-Knock Life" on The Rosie O'Donnell Show. (Special thanks to Mark for sending this great clip.)

Broadway Revival (2012; New York)

Opened 11/8/2012 at the Palace Theatre for 487p (closed 1/5/2014)
The cast sings "A New Deal for Christmas" on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.